Leone Dulce

Leone Dulce - Prayers Disrupted!

We don't always find the hot babes we bang in conventional ways, sometimes we get them when they are most vulnerable so they can't respond quick enough to resist us! We found Leone, praying and decided we had to help this girl see the true light! This chick just needed a big American cock to turn her ass around, now she knows that dick is the only thing that is going to make her feel better!

Victory Pheonix

Victory - We Get A Victory!

Searching through an arab house we came upon a dirty arab bitch who was in the process of creating a bomb! We had to stop her at all costs so we got her to strip down to see if she was hiding anything else! She wouldn't stop talking so we had to shut her up some how! We shoved a big American cock in her mouth and then we taught this bitch a lesson!


Trixie Love - Scared By Cock!

We found Trixie in her hide out and we had to unleash a fury of cock on her! This chick was so scared by a huge American cock she barely new what to do with herself! After a few minutes to overcome the shock she hopped right on that cock and rode it till she came, more than once! This chick is so wild!

Sasha Sky

Sasha - Sexy Arab Immigrant!

We were hanging out one day just outside of New York City on a cloudy afternoon. We happened to be nearby the New York Ferry's when we saw this hot Arab babe who said she had just arrived from Iraq. We asked her why she came to America and her response was that she wanted to make money. We told her, we'd give her money to come back to our place and even though she hates Americans, sure enough, she did. Watch as this Arab pussy gets pounded like no other!


Marlena - Fuck An American!

There is nothing better than taking a sheltered arab bitch and showing her what she's really good for, a fuck! We found Marlena causing problems protesting in our neighborhood, we couldn't have that so we got her to sit down so we could talk to her and get her to understand! We got her to get down on her knees and suck a big American cock for the first time, she got the point, and she got it hard!


Hasna - Swallowing America!

We picked up this sexy little Arab chick and when we got her back to our place she dropped to her knees and started praying. We figured that while she was down there she could do us a favor. We made her strip and dance for us and then we brought out Paulie in to show her the American way!


Cavita - Arab Ass Loving!

Our boy Jack came through yet again with another girl for our site, He said that he met this babe at the mall and finessed her back to our place. Her body is so tight that you just won't believe how she can gag on a cock and take it in the ass! You've got to check out this scene out!


Latmi - Model To Pornstar!

We were looking through a catalog of models when we noticed this gorgeous Arab babe. We got her contact information and called her up for a photo-shoot. She told us that she loves sex and was willing to fuck if she got paid. Well, we showed this horny chick what we were all about and had two of our boy's demolish her mouth and pussy!

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